Gently Exfoliating Mandelic Acid Cream Cleanser

  • Hydrates

  • Reduces skin roughness

  • Calms hypersensitive skin

  • Strong cleansing action

Sulphate-free. Soap-free.

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Medik8: Award-winning Skincare Cosmeceuticals

Medik8 creamCleanse is a silky textured, gently exfoliating cream cleanser designed for all skin types, especially dry and mature skin. creamCleanse is exceptionally mild, yet it quickly and thoroughly dissolves stubborn make up, sebum, dirt and pollutants. creamCleanse ensures that the skin is perfectly clean and clear while calming it with soothing agents.

Mature skin is generally drier than younger skin and requires hydration and nourishment even during the cleansing phase. creamCleanse therefore incorporates several powerful humectants and skin conditioning agents including Natural Glycerin and Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter.

Dry skin whether mature or otherwise, requires exfoliation to slough off old superficial layers. creamCleanse provides unique benefits from the gentle yet effective exfoliating power of chirally correct L-Mandelic Acid (levels reduced compared with poreCleanse Gel and betaCleanse). Soothing organic orange oil helps calm hypersensitive skin.

Skin Age:

Medik8 Skin Age

Skin Type:

dry-skinDry Skin  normal-skinNormal Skin

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cream Cleanse Benefits

  • creamCleanse has been designed for normal to dry skin

  • Gentle yet deep pore exfoliation using a lower dose L-Mandelic acid (compared to poreCleanse and betaCleanse)

  • L-Mandelic acid is a potent exfoliator, but unlike Glycolic acid, does not irritate, cause erythema or burning

  • Natural glycerin draws water from the air and keeps the skin supple and hydrated, reducing surface skin roughness

  • Organic orange oil helps calms hypersensitive skin

  • Specially selected emollients (softening or smoothing ingredients) for creamy feel and incredible cleansing action

directions-pump-largeHow to apply cream Cleanse

Every morning and evening: apply an ample amount of the cleanser to a clean cotton pad or the fingertips and gently massage into dry skin on the face and neck area. Remove with a warm, damp cloth (dry skin); or clean cotton pad (very dry skin). In case of stubborn make-up removal, repeat product application several times until the cotton pad remains clean.

key-medik8-ingredientscream Cleanse Key Ingredients

L Mandelic Acid – the most gentle AHA, with exfoliation results comparable to those of glycolic acid, without the associated stinging or irritation

Organic Sweet Orange Oil – has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties to help keep your skin calm and comfortable

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