White Balance Click™


Intense Brightening Serum

  • White Balance Click is an award-winning innovation

  • Helps prevent the appearance of pigmented skin

    • Improves the appearance of overall skin tone

      • 100% stable Kojic Acid stored in a clever lid compartment

      • No Hydroquinone & no Retinoic Acid


        7-in-1 formula to address pigmentation concerns

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        Medik8: Award-winning Skincare Cosmeceuticals

        Medik8 White Balance Click is the latest formula from the Medik8 lightening/brightening research program. Medik8 scientists have scoured the available publications and identified 7 key ‘routes’ to whitening concerns and the results of this research has been presented at The Royal College of Physicians building in London.

        Pigmentation is the general scientific term for dark spots, age spots, freckles, blotchiness, sun damage, uneven skin tone and melasma.

        Applied regularly, this unique brightening serum has been shown to improve the appearance of overall skin tone with an array of several proven ingredients in a very carefully researched formula.

        Kojic acid, which is a key ingredient in the formula, is inherently unstable when dissolved in water. Therefore Medik8 scientists use the innovative “click” packaging system to keep the kojic acid in powder form until its ready-to-use, by storing it in a special chamber inside the product lid. After purchase, the user simply clicks the lid to release the powder and activate the product by shaking.

        In addition, the formula contains a patent-pending stabilizing complex (developed by Medik8 scientists) to keep the dissolved kojic acid stable for 30 days after the click. With kojic acid now limited to 1% in European cosmetics, this clever formula means maximum ‘bang-for-your-buck.’

        Hydroquinone-free formula.

        Skin Age:

        20  30  40s  Skin Age  60+

        Medik8 Skincare Recommended

        White Balance Click Benefits

        • White Balance Click™ is an award-winning innovation

        • Targets all types of pigmentation concerns: dark spots, age spots, melasma, freckles, and blotchiness and helps to prevent the appearance of pigmentation

        • Improves the look of overall skin tone

        • 7-in-1 formula (7 mechanisms of action combined in 1 formulation)

        • Clever packaging system (Click Mechanism): Kojic Acid is stored in the lid compartment and is released seconds before the first application

        • Contains most bioavailable form of Kojic Acid

        directions-white-balance-clickHow to apply

        Before the first application, remove the lid, click…and shake for 30 seconds to blend the Kojic acid with the serum.

        In the morning and evening, after cleansing: apply 3 drops of White Balance Click directly to the skin. Blend evenly across the face (avoiding the eyes), neck and decolletage. Leave to absorb and follow with the application of your moisturiser.

        • MORNING & EVENING – 3 drops

        Key Ingredients


        Kojic Acid – Works to balance skin tone and reduce the appearance of dark spots and freckles caused by sun exposure and aging

        Alpha-Arbutin – Promotes the appearance of lightening and an even skin tone for all skin types

        Niacinamide – Seeks to improve skin moisture levels and reduce the appearance of flushing or redness

        L-Lactic Acid – Boosts the exfoliation process and supports a healthy lightening effect

        Linoleic Acid – Helps promote an even skin tone


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