Medik8 - Pioneering Cosmetic Science

medik8-science-1Medik8 is a company with scientific roots. Accordingly, technology is crucial to the design, manufacture and even the presentation of our products to the customers. We are always learning, and constantly seeking to improve our products.

There are literally thousands of ingredients which are available for formulators to choose from. However, except for on a few occasions where we find a very interesting complex from a ‘specialist ingredient manufacturer’, we prefer to research the literature and find single ingredients with good data, and start to build up a product from there. Medik8 have split their products into categories.

In the ‘age-defying’ category, we really have just a few key ingredients to choose from – and the excellence comes from the quality of the raw materials and the way they are put together. Those last 6 words could be expanded to fill a large textbook, if not two!


For example, a well-known ingredient is Vitamin C which in the form of ‘L-Ascorbic Acid’ is very effective but incredibly unstable. And when it ‘goes off’, instead of just becoming inactive, it turns from being an antioxidant (what you want) into a pro-oxidant (the exact opposite of what you want) ie. it generates free-radicals.

We go to extraordinary lengths to ensure our L-Ascorbic Acid product is stable, and remains stable through its shelf life, well beyond opening. Our techniques are of course a closely guarded trade-secret but they are built on solid chemistry principals. Still nothing quite beats taking your best chemistry guesses at the ideal formula and then creating hundreds of samples with the tiniest of changes to each and running stability tests after accelerated aging in our bespoke 47 degree C testing oven.

Even prior to the 2013 launch of the CE-Thione product (containing 15% l-ascorbic acid), Medik8 presented our on-going research work to dermatologists, doctors, nurses and skincare professionals at various medical conferences, explaining in much more detail the extraordinary steps we were taking to constantly improve our formula stability. To be fair, it was the most fun jigsaw puzzle ever – but it didnt always feel like that when we were half-way through. When a product takes literally years to create, it is important to give our research and development team the chance to get out of the lab and talk to the people who see patients, and explain the kind of science that goes into the bottle. At a notable conference at the Royal College of Physicians in London, we were able to present the 18 month stability findings which make CE-Thione a leader in the field, and in the company of very few others who can do this.

The primary ingredients used by Medik8 in defying aging are vitamin C, vitamin A, hydroxy acids and sunscreen. We are also interested in cell communication molecules like some peptides and growth factors.

For pigmentation, skin blemishes, dryness and redness – there are a range of ingredients which we have selected using the same level of research, care and understanding