Medik8 Deep Cleansing Medi Facial

This ultimate skin cleansing facial is available in two levels:

Deep Cleansing Medi Facial

Level 1

  • Personalized Luxurious Treatment Facial

The ultimate skin clarifying facial. A deeply cleansing and luxurious treatment, incorporating the traditional method of steam to help flush out impurities, increase circulation and decongest clogged pores.

This treatment combines manual extraction with specific treatment products personalised for your skin needs, to leave your skin looking and feeling brighter with improved skin texture.

Recommended for all skin types, especially those that are prone to breakouts or often exposed to environmental stress.

Deep Cleansing Medi Facial+

Level 2

  • Essential Facial + Peeling (enzyme or chemical)

This treatment enhances the Essential Facial by incorporating your skin professional’s guided choice of Medik8’s Medik8’s Superfacial or Medik8’s 30% Peel. The Essential+ Facial results are boosted with deep exfoliation and extra skin rejuvenation.

These facial treatments offer enhanced results, without any downtime, redness or peeling – just great looking skin.