beta Facial

Treatment Level 1

  • The Essential Facial

Intensive anti-bacterial and calming treatment utilizing the benefits of the earth’s natural purifying and healing matter – Kaolin and Bentonite as well as a fine ground natural bamboo scrub.

This treatment is designed to normalise sebum secretion, calming and reduce irritation while improving the skin’s hydration, texture and tone.

Recommended for oily, combination, congested and blemish prone skin types.

beta Facial+

Treatment Level 2

  • Essential Facial + Peeling (enzyme or chemical)

This treatment enhances the Essential Facial by incorporating your skin professional guided choice of Medik8’s Medik8’s Superfacial or Medik8’s 30% Peel. The Essential+ Facial results are boosted with deep exfoliation and extra skin rejuvenation.

These facial treatments offer enhanced results, without any downtime, redness or peeling, just great looking skin.